Lumiere London 2018

Visited last night and was pretty impressed.  West End not as good as last time as mainly projections onto buildings but the one at Royal Academy with music and Piccadilly Circus very good.  But no elephant stealing the show this time.  Fitzrovia had a favourite with light puddles and sounds and ones you can touch to change the light direction.  But behind Kings X the best with the blue mist of lights and dry ice machines turning the square into something quite magical.  Behind it are several others including a field of lights.   Ends Sunday 10.30pm but if short of time head to Kings X.  Or Canary Wharf which has a totally different light show, Winter Lights, until Jan 26th, Saturday evening.

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rnt_pp_2_2_393I have been looking forward to seeing this one for some time at the NT and it lived up to expectations.  This play is a stage version of the film Network and is 2 hours in length without an interval, so movie length.  The staging is interesting with members of the public eating dinner live on the stage with real chefs in the background. And at one point cast members are outside being filmed and then come back onto stage still talking.

The cast is great.  Bryan Cranston is marvellous as Howard Beale, the news anchor having a breakdown on stage and turning into a ranting celebrity guru.  Michelle Dochery is a revelation as I always thought her so wooden as Lady Mary and Douglas Henshall always turns in a solid performance.   I don’t want to given anything away so will say no more other than try to get tickets on a Friday until 22nd March.

Went to see many, many beards at the White Cube and many, many swear words.  They started with fences, security alarms etc as a comment on all the border issues going on in the world; then realised on the news there was often a man with a beard peering through a fence (or so they told Front Row).  So its G&G with beards of all types and walls with swearing – until 28th January.


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UK’s first major exhibition of artists’ responses to war and conflict since the terrorist attacks on 11 September 2001. Age of Terror: Art since 9/11 features more than 40 British and international artists, including Ai Weiwei, Grayson Perry, Gerhard Richter, Jenny Holzer, Mona Hatoum, Alfredo Jaar, Coco Fusco and Jake & Dinos Chapman.

Interesting exhibition.  Twin Towers by Ivan Navarro is an interesting light installation with two squares in the ground which look columns of light going deep under the floor.    And the towers “sculpted” out of plastic figures by Jake and Dinos Chapman was very arresting.  As usual at IWM, nobody in the exhibition other than us.  On until 28.5.18.

Blenheim at Xmas: fabulous

We’ve visited a few Xmas light shows over the years – a few abroad (Atlanta last year) and a few near to London including Kew and Waddesdon Manor (twice).  Blenheim was a first yesterday and really great.  It started a little slowly and just got better and better.  There is an area with lights running up and down a hill towards your feet which is really absorbing – make sure you are standing right at the edge of it – and a light cage that you walk through with lights all around you.  We got there for the 4.45 first show of the evening; just ensure the staff know you are for that show and they will let you past the others in the queue – we were straight in after 2 minutes and the paths were relatively quiet – there are food and drink stands on the way round.  When we left there were queues to join yet another queue at around 6pm – so book for the early slot and enjoy.  No photos can do it justice.

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Visited the newish Postal Museum yesterday and took a trip on the mail train that ran under London for many years moving our letters around, avoiding the busy streets.  It was decommissioned a few years ago and is now open for the public to take a 20 minute trip down the tunnels.   The museum itself seems to be very much aimed at children.  Disappointment was that I designed a postage stamp of myself with a crown and a moustache but it didn’t turn up in my email!

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World Press Photo Exhibition

On in the Royal Festival Hall, on both sides of the jazz stage, until 20th November.  Thought provoking and moving exhibtion covering world events but also day to day lives of people in places like Brazil.IMG_3116