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Whilst walking the Sculpture in the City trail 2022, we came across several sculptures that were not part of the trail. It always pays to look up, look down and peer through railings in London to find the hidden stories.

The dachshund, spotted through railings, is in very long and immortalised in a stone bench in Jubilee Gardens. It was created for the London Festival of Architecture in 2018 and was designed by Patrick McEvoy in memory of Geoffrey Barkington, a dachshund. The alien looking statue is placed within the ruins of a medieval charnel house, the oldest building in Spitalfields, which is preserved by the market with steps running down to it. There is an excellent blog post on this area and the ruins on Flickering Lamps. The statues, Choosing the Losing Side by David Teager-Portman, to me looked like an alien coming across an ancient civilisation. The final exhibit we discovered was Absent by Nicholas Dimbleby, a moving memorial to those who die or suffer as a result of war.

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Every year we walk the Sculpture in the City trail on a weekend, this year with friends, which always gives you a different angle on the relatively empty part of London. I also seem to take as many pictures of the buildings as I do of the sculptures as the reflections in the glass windows are fantastic. Here are my favourites of this year’s new installations.

I loved the neon sign We by Emma Smith that blinked on and off and read both We are all one and We are alone. The Granary, Jesse Pollock, which looked like a huge orange quality street patched together with scraps of metal. Earthing by Jocelyn Mc Gregor was getting a lot of attention by passers by with its Bosch like limbs protuding from snail shells. The wooden benches, In Loving Memory by Oliver Bragg, added humour with made up people and places. Star of the show is the City itself.

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