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We Broke Out!

I was very reluctant to get involved in this with family members; had visions of cryptic IMG_2634[1]clues and no enjoyment at all.  Loved it!  Totally clueless for a few minutes (or to be honest I was for about 50% of the time!).  Thought we’d got out in 20 minutes but no, we’d made it to just the 2nd room.  Three rooms and blood splattered walls; the mystery of the abandoned motel room in Vacancy.  Got out and wanted to try another room.  Really recommend it – we were a group of 4 with a 10-year-old in the group and she got stuck in as well.  The Facility looks pretty scary.  Our Escape Room was in Liverpool.  Same company in Chester and Manchester.  Don’t know the London ones.



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