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Around 30 years living in London and I’ve never visited the free Sir John Soames Museum – and I used to work around the corner and could have visiteIMG_2361d in a lunch hour.  But now I’ve discovered that Fields Bar and Kitchen (Benugo) in Lincoln’s Inn is a great place to go for lunch/coffee at the weekend as it has lots of outdoor seating as well as a pizza oven.  So this weekend we finally visited, pulled in the the Marc Quinn exhibition, Drawn from Life.  He has 12 sculptures scattered around, casts of himself and partner in a series of embraces.  They fit in well with the vast array of classical objects and antiquities collected by Soames, including a sarcophagus.  It is a lovely museum – just keep your arms by your sides and no sudden moves as there is always something ready to be knocked off the wall!  And an added bonus, Fields Bar and Kitchen donate a % of every purchase to the Museum so you can feel righteous whilst eating pizza.  This Saturday we also had the added entertainment factor of the World Naked Bike Ride Day riding around the perimeter of Lincoln’s Inn – yes it does exist and yes it looked painful but fun.


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