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IMG_1207We visited both the Walker Gallery and Bluecoats in Liverpool the other weekend on a trip home.  Very long time since I had been either.  Room 11, British art 1880-1950, was very interesting with Jacob Epstein, Paul Nash, LS Lowry and Lucian Freud alongside the Merseyside artists Albert Richards and George Jardine.  The Walker is near St John’s Square where there is a moving memorial to Hillsborough, unveiled in 2013.  Across the square is a small, but again moving monument to “Those injured or killed, Lives unfulfilled.. the reality of car crashes.”  It is bronze sculpture with scattered toys and the contents of a woman’s handbag.   Onto the Bluecoat Gallery – I remember a beautiful old-fashioned building way back when but wasn’t expecting the modern extension built onto it as a contemporary gallery.  Wonderful shop attached.  Great history chart covering its 300 year history.  Reminded me to go to Slavery Museum next time.


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