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Whilst walking the Sculpture in the City trail 2022, we came across several sculptures that were not part of the trail. It always pays to look up, look down and peer through railings in London to find the hidden stories.

The dachshund, spotted through railings, is in very long and immortalised in a stone bench in Jubilee Gardens. It was created for the London Festival of Architecture in 2018 and was designed by Patrick McEvoy in memory of Geoffrey Barkington, a dachshund. The alien looking statue is placed within the ruins of a medieval charnel house, the oldest building in Spitalfields, which is preserved by the market with steps running down to it. There is an excellent blog post on this area and the ruins on Flickering Lamps. The statues, Choosing the Losing Side by David Teager-Portman, to me looked like an alien coming across an ancient civilisation. The final exhibit we discovered was Absent by Nicholas Dimbleby, a moving memorial to those who die or suffer as a result of war.

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I have always been fascinated by films/TV series that show us empty cities such as 28 Days Later in London and The Walking Dead in Atlanta.  I live in one and visited the key Atlanta sights when over there and the current set in Senoia. And recently blogged about Shaun of the Dead filmed on my doorstep with empty Crouch End streets.  Common theme with them all; zombies.  So, when we were given permission to go further afield for exercise, we didn’t head to busy beauty spots and were keen to see a different view and to escape our own streets and parks that are not exactly quiet.  And so, we found ourselves down near Embankment very early in the morning; London was so quiet and about the safest place we’ve been in terms of social distancing in a long time. We took the opportunity to visit the Battle of Britain memorial, apt at this time, to say hello to a relative remembered on the wall.  London was slightly eerie but just beautiful and it was so good to see familiar scenes after nearly 2 months.  We walked streets with nobody in them but towards the end any green space was beginning to attract people and so we headed home.

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