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Went to see Much Ado About Nothing at the National Theatre recently. This production, directed by Simon Godwin, was set in the Hotel Messina on the Italian Riviera with wonderful sets and costumes that were lavish art deco with sequins and feathers and a swing band on a balcony. Katherine Parkinson and John Heffernan play Beatrice and Benedick who love to hate each other and are tricked by their friends into falling for each other. My memory of seeing this in the past is that the couple are the beating heart of the play but this time I felt there were many strong scenes which balanced out the play. The plot line around Hero and Claudio, Ioanna Kimbook and Eben Figueiredo, when he turns on her was quite shocking given their relationship up until then and the light-hearted comedy enhanced by Figueiredo’s delivery in a strong London accent which seemed out of place at first.

The slapstick and comedy is such fun in this production. The scenes where Beatrice and Benedick overhear their friends talking about them where well executed with them shuffling around in changing room pods and hiding in the ice cream carts. Dogberry and the Watch were very funny in scenes that have left me cold in the past. Maybe it was the mood I was in that night but all I wanted was an evening of high-class entertainment, laughter and wonderful staging and I got all of that. On until 10th September.

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